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Genre: , ,

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, David Koechner, Alanna Ubach, Anna Faris

Director: Rob McKittrick

Rated: R

Release Date: February 7th, 2006
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Overall Grade: A


Review By: Staff

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Here’s the scenario; you’re out eating with a couple of friends,
order a well-done steak, but it arrives medium-rare. Do you just go with the
flow and enjoy the meal the best you can, or do you send it back to the
kitchen? Well, that answer pretty much depends on whether you saw Waiting or not.

We all know the myths about what goes on in the kitchen of
restaurants. The biggest problem though is that many of the stories are
true. Really, there has been a ton of hidden camera footage that has caught
some of the nastiest things happening in restaurant kitchens. Let’s face it,
human appendages are not stirrers. Sending back food in a restaurant and
then still eating it is a scary thing.

Waiting is about the happenings at ShenaniganZ, a typical
restaurant with a not so typical staff. Mitch (John Francis Daley) is a
trainee who is working his first day at the restaurant under the tutelage of
Monty played by the hilarious Ryan Reynolds. Don’t worry though Monty
doesn’t bother stressing the boring factors of the job like filling the salt
shakers, instead he focuses on the crazier aspects of the restaurant like
the penis game. The penis game was actually the creation of Raddimus (Luis
), the horny not-so-sane cook. The object of the game is simple, get
another male to inadvertently looks at you penis in different positions and
you get to call them a fag and kick them in the ass.

Of course the movie also focuses on the staff’s revenge against
their most horrible customers. Yes this is the part where the cooks add
those special little extras to your order like garlic salt (dandruff), extra
gravy (spit), and alfalfa sprouts (pubic hair). Don’t worry though since
there is actually only one scene where such things take place. The movie
however does include other scenes that employ the “5-second rule” and other
unsanitary conditions.

One of the most refreshing aspects of the film was the fact
that nothing was over done. The movie didn’t harp on any one thing going on
in the restaurant, but jumped around perfectly keeping the viewers interest.
Sure the movie’s main them was what really happens in a restaurant, but it
wasn’t the only one. The movie also tackled smaller themes such as
relationships, morality, and growing up.

The movie was also surprisingly good considering it was Rob
‘s first time directing. McKittrick, who also wrote the film, was
definitely the most qualified though. After all he was working in a
restaurant like ShenaniganZ when he was 24 living the life of the

Of course with a movie like Waiting, the cast is crucial. I
don’t think that that any one person wasn’t perfectly chosen for their role,

fact after watching the special features I know this. The cast was also
the perfect balance of funny and hot actors/actresses. With stars like Ryan
, Justin Long,Anna Faris, Kaitlin Doubleday, and Vanessa Lengies there was a nice amount of eye candy for viewers incase the plot didn’t do it for them.

With such a smart witted movie that’s focused around a
restaurant, I see great things for this film. I wouldn't be surprised if
Waiting became for the average restaurant worker what Office Space is for office workers. With such great actors and memorable moments such as Mitch’s
flip-out at the end of the movie people will be talking about this movie for
a long while.

Special Features:

What do you want after seeing a funny movie? Well that’s an
easy one, more of the funny movie. The special features on this DVD deliver
everything you could ask for. Of course the DVD contains deleted scenes and
an outtake reel, but it also has some really interesting interviews that
talk about getting the movie off the ground.

The Special Features really shine in the second disc though,
which is dedicated solely to the features. It contains the usually
commentary throughout the whole film as well as a separate interview section
on the film as a whole called “The Works”. One of the funniest features
though might be “Sending It Back”, which is simply real restaurant horror
stories being told and reenacted.

Movie Grade: A

Special Features Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A

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