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Ringers: The Lord of the Fans

Genre: , ,

Cast: Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Ian McKellan, Sean Astin, Ian Holm, Sean Bean, Christopher Lee, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving

Director: Carlene Cordova

Rated: NR

Release Date: November 22nd, 2005
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Overall Grade: C -

Ringers: The Lord of the Fans

Review By: Staff

Ringers: Lord of the Fans

The epic fantasy gave nerds across the globe something else besides Star Wars to dream wetly about. I was unaware of the following The Lord of the Rings actually had until it was released as three long ass films. It was like the "red scare" of communism, when people were paranoid about who was a communist. That's how I felt with the geeks on this fantasy, I just didn't know anymore who was a fan, as random people in my life exposed themselves as the addicts who were buoyed with ecstasy when director Peter Jackson made over seven hours of Oscar winning material.

Well here we stand a few years later as the hype has died off and now the films are slowly becoming classics, and we have a new DVD on the dorks who made this following possible, as the popularity is apparent. How this series got started some seventy years ago and how it got to where it is today and the fans who love it makes up what this documentary contains, including actor commentary and their overwhelming responsibility of becoming overnight sensations.

That's all quite interesting if you are a "ringer," or a fan of all this. If not, well, you have me sitting through something that doesn't present anything but bias love for a movie I care nothing about. Granted I am not a fan I am still drawn to documentaries, but the ingredients for a good one need an edge, a conflict, and something that will pull me into the plot and that wasn't the case.

The case being this was made for fans that just needed another toke of the sci-fi phenomenon. It is in no way for people like me on the other side of the Lord of the Spectrum, (the critic with no say because I am simply not part of the cult) I stand neutral in society because I have never seen the trilogy, therefore it is unfair for me to say I hate it, but for this documentation on the fans who puppeteer to the success it is all about them, and this film documents their glory.

It is more of a celebration than anything, with special features with even more commentary, some deleted scenes and more adventures for the fantasy lovers mind that attend to the passion of such a flick. That being said, if you are not a fan then this wasn't made for you, so forget it, because this is an informative slash glorification on what it takes too bring such a big production to life. Personally, shoot me in the face and tell me when it's all over.

Movie Grade: C -

DVD Grade: C

Overall Grade: C -

One Response to Ringers: The Lord of the Fans

  1. WickedLazers says:

    The person who wrote this review sounds more like the typical high school jerk who despised people less popular than him, than an actual movie goer. If you hate it so much, then why watch it? It’s clearly evident that this documentary was made PURELY for the fans and not morons such as yourself.

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