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Our Family Wedding

Genre: , , ,

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia, America Ferrera, Lance Gross

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Rated: PG-13

Review By:
Matt J

IDKU 2013

"What we do in life echoes in eternity!" -Russell Crowe, Gladiator

Release Date: July 13th, 2010
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Movie Grade: C
Features Grade: C
Overall Grade: C

Our Family Wedding

Review By: Matt J

Our Family Wedding is a film most people probably aren’t familiar with. It came out back in March and made a meager $20 million. Not many people saw it and the negative word of mouth didn’t help the film either. Here we are, four months later and Our Family Wedding is now on Bluray. Despite having a couple big name actors, you still have to wonder, was the film overlooked or is this one wedding you shouldn’t attend?

Perhaps it’s unfair that the last film I saw before watching Our Family Wedding was Inception. Perhaps it was the fact that I knew exactly how it would end right from the moment it started. Or maybe it was the bewilderment of seeing Forest Whitaker in this type of movie. Either way, I can’t say I liked Our Family Wedding a whole lot.

The movie is a typical culture clash comedy that brings us the same recycled story we’ve see all too many times before. The plot, if you can even call it that, tells the story of two families, an African American family and a Mexican American family. When Lucia (America Ferrera) gets engaged to Marcus (Lance Gross) the two families are forced to come together to plan the wedding. In typical culture clash film manner, the racist tension between the two families heats up and they must find a way to work things out before the big day.

Simply put, Our Family Wedding is exactly what you expect it to be. In a formulaic manner, it brashly takes us down a very familiar path. It’s breezy and uncomplicated but it’s not overly engaging. While there are a few original and amusing scenes, a lot of the humor just doesn’t hit the mark.

Overall the performances aren’t that bad and the strongest performances come from Forest Whitaker and Regina King. While Whitaker is best suited to drama, he still manages to do a fine job here and he does steal the show. The scenes that have Whitaker and Carlos Mencia bickering and arguing, provide for some of the film’s funnier moments.

King is also very strong in her somewhat underwritten role. She manages to sparkle in all the scenes she has. The only weak actor was Gross who simply just didn’t have any charisma and came off as unlikeable. Aside from him, the other actors do a good job and are able to create enjoyable, albeit cardboard characters.

The main problem with the film is that although it knows what to do to become funny, it just never quite gets there. The rehashed jokes and clichéd plot really don’t help things and despite the solid performances, the fact that you know exactly what will happen doesn’t really make for an engaging watch.

The paint by numbers plot feels borrowed and ill contrived and by the time we get to the scene in

which Whitaker is humped by a goat, the film loses what little value it still had. Judging the film by the trailer may lead you astray as the trailer did look funny. Unfortunately, almost all of the truly funny moments showed up in the trailer and what’s left in the movie are just a bunch of scenes that end up feeling awkward. In the apparent humorous scenes I found myself without so much as even a grin on my face. Sure there were a few good lines here and there and there were a couple semi-funny moments, but overall, the majority of the scenes fall flat.

In the end, Our Family Wedding is fairly innocuous and while there are a few positive things that the film has to offer, there simply isn’t enough to outweigh the negative. When all is said and done, this is probably one wedding that you shouldn’t RSVP no to.


This isn’t particularly a visual or audio feast but the transfer does a good enough job. The film boasts a dialogue heavy track and luckily it is handled well. The dialogue is always crisp and clear and at the front of the track. It is never drowned out and it comes through nicely. There isn’t much in the way of surround but the limited surround sound moments that do pop up sound great. Music is never to loud or overbearing and it is mixed in perfectly. While there are no audio moments that will blow you away, the audio part of the transfer is solid.

The video is equally as good as it boasts crisp colours and refined detail. There aren’t any visuals that will floor you but like the audio, the video gets the job done. Flesh tones appear natural and black levels are handled wonderfully. There were no digital anomalies and everything comes off looking very clean. Overall it’s a nice transfer on both the audio and video side.

In terms of special features, there isn’t a whole lot. We get deleted/extended scenes, a gag reel and a featurette called “Til Dads Do Us Part.”

The deleted/extended scenes and gag reel are completely useless and the featurette is nothing more than an above-average EPK. It’s about 15 minutes and offers a few interviews and some behind the scenes footage.

If you still really want to see this film you’re best off renting it. The main problem with the film is it just has nothing to offer. It’s not funny and it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The whole thing feels very dull and insipid. In the end, Our Family Wedding turns out to be a fairly monotonous affair.

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