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James Bond 007 Ultimate Edition – For Your Eyes Only

Genre: , ,

Cast: Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Topol, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Julian Glover

Director: John Glen

Rated: PG

Review By:
Rocco Passafuime

SUNY Purchase '05

"I don't compromise my values and I don't compromise my work. I won't give in." -Michael Moore

Release Date: December 12th, 2006
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Overall Grade: B

James Bond 007 Ultimate Edition – For Your Eyes Only

Review By: Rocco Passafuime

For Your Eyes Only

By the end of the 1970's, the James Bond franchise had reached the pinnacle of silliness and excess with the very Star Wars-esque entry Moonraker. Despite the film being one of the most successful films in the series, producer Albert R. Broccoli knew it was time for the 007 series to go back to the literary roots of original author Ian Fleming.

John Glen, after having been film editor and second-unit director on the previous three 007 films, secured a place as director of the Bond films for the entire decade of the 1980's. The first of his entry into the James Bond franchise is For Your Eyes Only, now available on DVD.

After the film opens with his longtime enemy, who, for legal reasons, here is known only as "The Bald Villain", hijacking his helicopter, which would culminate in the his final end, secret agent 007 James Bond (Roger Moore) is given his latest mission by MI6, to recover the Automatic Target And Attack Communicator, or ATAC, after its sunk with a British spy ship after making contact with a mine underwater before Soviet agents grab it first.

In search of the device, a Cuban hitman named Hector Gonzales (Stefan Kalipha) kills a marine biologist and his wife, leaving their daughter, Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet), to seek retribution for their murder. After Bond and Melina cross paths and work side-by-side, his trail leads from a hitman of Gonzales named Emile Locque (Michael Gothard) to a Greek businessman named Aris Kristatos (Julian Glover), whose niece, the talented young ice skater Bibi Dahl (Lynn-Holly Johnson) harbors a crush on the secret agent.

Kristatos soon claims that Locque serves under a Greek smuggler named Milos Columbo (Topol). When Bond confronts Columbo, he claims that not only is Locque actually in the service of Kristatos, but that Kristatos is actually an informant for the KGB, retrieving the ATAC for the Soviets, while using Columbo as a scapegoat.

After so many lavish and silly James Bond outings that increasingly deviated from the original Ian Fleming books, For Your Eyes Only is a refreshingly more grounded entry into the then-nearly 20 year-old franchise.

Adapted from the short story of the same name and "Risico" off the short story compilation of the same name, the movie's story tends to feel a bit disjointed at times. Despite that, the story is one of the more down-to-earth and has great action, as well as great character development.

While Carole Bouquet is one of the better Bond girls in terms of realism, she lacks presence as an actress to really bring her rich character to her fullest. While the film is curbed of much of the campy silliness that plagued his previous outings, Roger Moore gamely adapts to the change with his usual smooth charm, despite the more serious approach. However, here, it's evident that Moore is beginning

to grow noticeably old for the role.

The DVD's picture quality is presented in the 2:35:1 widescreen aspect ratio, with the sound quality in Dolby Digital Surround 5.1. There are also not one, not two, but three different audio commentary tracks on the first disc.

The first two audio commentary tracks are compiled of multiple participants. The first features director John Glen and a host of the different actors in the film, who recall their experiences working on the film, while the second features executive producer Michael G. Wilson and the various crew on the film, which focuses more on the technical aspects of the film.

The third audio commentary track features actor Roger Moore. While his commentary is scant and a bit on the drowsy side, when he does speak, he's brimming with charm, witticisms, and a casual approach to the proceedings.

All in all, For Your Eyes Only lacks the substance of From Russia With Love or the stylish thrills of Goldfinger. However, it's commendably more down-to-earth and more character-driven approach makes it rank among the better Bond films of the franchise.

Movie Grade:
DVD Features Grade: B-
Overall Grade: B

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