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Crimson Tide: Unrated Extended Edition

Genre: , ,

Cast: Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, James Gandolfini, Viggo Mortensen, Matt Craven, George Dzundza

Director: Tony Scott

Rated: NR

Release Date: May 16th, 2006
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Crimson Tide: Unrated Extended Edition

Crimson Tide

And I thought Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson knew how to throw down! Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman reenact the best movie pastime with their version of good cop/bad cop in the action film Crimson Tide.

A global crisis between Russia and The United States is imminent and the USS Alabama, a US nuclear missile sub, is called upon to take action. Veteran Captain Frank Ramsey (Hackman) enrolls Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter (Washington) to act as his second in command to the USS Alabama taskforce.

With war underway, left little time for socializing. From the moment Captain Ramsey recruited Lt. Hunter, you knew more than just war was brewing.

While aboard the USS Alabama, the captain and his men received an official launch message. Upon receiving the launch message, the men received a follow-up message. But a radio malfunction interrupted the potential government order leaving them with only a partial message. With no way to confirm whether the follow-up order received was legitimate, Captain Ramsey dismissed it as a Russian ploy against the US.

When Captain Ramsey instructed his men to proceed with the missile launch, Lt. Hunter fervently disagreed. To go forward with the first launch message without further investigating the follow-up message would cause a “nuclear holocaust”, as Lt. Hunter put it. Thus began a battle of wits between the two men, both fervently opposed to the other and both with hidden alliances among the crew.

Plain and simple, Crimson Tide was the showdown of all showdowns. Crimson Tide was a film about two, strong-willed men who came from two separate backgrounds and very different eras. Captain Ramsey came from the old school of thought where lieutenants did as they were commanded even if it meant going against their own belief system. Ramsey didn’t believe in gray areas whereas Lt. Hunter did. He came from the new school of thought where all things were considered. Lt. Hunter was more inventive and open to different approaches.

The most genius aspects of the movie were the scenes leading up to the duel between Ramsey and Hunter. All of their encounters up until that scene, by and large, were quite formal. It was clear at that point that neither one saw eye-to-eye with the other. The tension between the two groups permeated the entire remainder of the film. Conviction was the only thing that kept both men going and neither man was about to give up without a fight.

With special features ranging from deleted scenes, all access: on the set footage and the making of Crimson Tide, the new un-rated, extended DVD edition of the film Crimson Tide (2006, originally filmed in 1995) delivers a wave of nuclear proportions!

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