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Aeon Flux

Genre: , ,

Cast: Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo, Pete Postlethwaite, Amelia Warner, Caroline Chikezie and Frances McDormand

Director: Karyn Kusama

Rated: NR

Release Date: April 25th, 2006
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Overall Grade: C+

Aeon Flux

Review By: Staff

Aeon Flux

The legs of a beautiful women wrapped around them is something many men would dream of. However, the dream loses something when that woman is a trained assassin, who happens to scissor-kick your neck and kills you. This highly trained beautiful assassin is Aeon Flux, played by Charlize Theron .

Before becoming a movie Aeon Flux was an animated sitcom on MTV. It debuted in 1995 and had a lifespan that lasted three seasons. The sitcom lent the movie its cast and setting, but didn’t dictate the script.

Aeon Flux is set 400 years in the future in Bregna, the last city of the civilized world. Bregna is home to all those that survived a terrible disease that has plagued mankind. A council of scientists responsible for keeping that disease under control govern/control Bregna. However, not all accept the current rulers in this seemly utopian society. Aeon Flux ( Charlize Theron ) is a Monican rebel and assassin who believes something is terribly wrong with the city and questions the random disappearance of its inhabitants.

The plot of the movie revolves around Flux’s mission to assassinate Trevor Goodchild ( Marton Csokas ), the leader of Bregna, and a task which should be no trouble for the world’s greatest assassin. However, passion as well as Flux’s thirst for knowledge and understanding gets in the way of her simple mission. Flux is left to rethink all that she knows and formulate new alliances trusting nothing, but her own instincts.

The movie seems like a high pact action sci-fi thriller. It is all those qualities in the fact that it is set in the future and just about every other scene is either a fight or stunt of some sort, but the movie is also a love story. The idea for the movie from the early stages of writing and directing was to have it be all things while being a love story.

One of the problems I had with the film is that it tried to be too many things. If I’m in the mood to watch a high action movie set in the future that includes a revolt I’d much rather watch Equilibrium , which starred Christian Bale and had a similar premise. As far as a love story I see where they were trying to go with Aeon Flux , but it didn’t quite do it for me.

The movie started off good and had a somewhat interesting

ending, but I felt that there was about a half hour in the middle where the film kind of lost me. This was very surprising to me since I usually enjoy these types of films and stories. The most captivating part of the movie was probably Theron herself in her array of sexy and revealing outfits she wears throughout the film.

Besides Theron and the stunts there was also one other refreshing quality to this film. The film played up this angle of nature being bad, which I found flowed nicely throughout the film. My critical eye couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that the disease came from nature as well as a variety of the traps and obstacles, which Flux had to deal with.

Special Features

The features on this DVD are pretty good for a sub-par film. They include two feature long commentaries, which I’m not sure many would get through cause for most it would mean watching this film three times. However, the more interesting features include one on the idea of the movie and its transition from an animated series and another on creating the world where the movie takes place.

The most interesting feature on this DVD has to be “The Stunts of Aeon Flux “. This shows how many of the stunts were created as well as the training sessions, which not only Theron , but many of the cast had to endure.

Movie Grade: C+

Special Features Grade: B

Overall DVD Grade: C+

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